Coolest Paper Airplanes

We won’t delve into the definition of cool here. I just went over all the paper airplanes found here on Paper Airplanes HQ and picked the ones that made me say “this plane looks cool”. I’m listing them all here in no paticular order.

Eagle paper plane folding instructions

The Eagle Paper Airplane

Just take a look at the Eagle paper plane and you’ll immediately say it’s gotta to be in this cool plane list. Among the five Jets and Bombers on this website, the Eagle looks the most threatening. The folding style is unusual. It is a complicated-looking jet that resembles a modern fighter-bomber when completed.

Ketch paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Ketch Paper Airplane

The Ketch Paper Airplane is a strange-looking box-like craft that flies well if folded properly. It looks like an alien among ordinary paper airplanes and thus ranks high in the coolness meter. This interesting looking sqaure craft works best with light to medium weight paper.

Jupiter paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Jupiter Paper Airplane

Fast evasive manuevers are easy for the Jupiter paper airplane thanks to its forward winglets that give it an extra measure of stability and control. Medium to light paper is best suited for this star cruiser. This is the first of five Starship Paper Airplanes and yes, they all look cool!

Neptune paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Neptune Paper Airplane

The Neptune paper airplane is a zippy little starship with forward looking weapons pods. It’s a little tricky to fold and requires extra trimming. Medium to light paper is recommended for this model. The design is based on the work of Campbell Morris.

Willow paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Willow Paper Airplane

The Willow paper plane is a canard flyer with real control surfaces near the nose which allow an extra measure of expirementation. This craft looks more complex that it really is to fold. It works best with medium to heavy weight paper.

Hurricane paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Hurricane Paper Airplane

The Hurricane Paper Airplane is a fairly easy to fold but great fun to fly paper craft, this square symmetric wing is typical of the Flying Wing style of paper airplanes. It's a basic flying wind but it is Cool and it flies well.