Paper AIrplane Darts

There are five Dart Paper Airplanes in this section: The Hammerhead, The Barracuda, The Manta Ray, The Marlin and the Bottlenose. These are variations of the schoolyard favorite – the dart paper airplane. They’re easy to fold and capable of fast flights.

hammerhead paper plane folding instructions

The Hammerhead Paper Glider

With its heavy nose and extra vertical stabilizers, this all purpose glider can float or be made to do acrobatics. It is designed to be an indoor craft and best made with medium to heavy weight paper. Click here for the complete step by step instruction on how to fold the hammerhead paper airplane.

barracuda paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Barracuda Paper Airplane

Barracuda Paper AirplaneAlmost a glider, this dart requires folding accuracy for its clever nose section but it flies and satisfied when well made.

Sea Gull paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Manta Ray Paper Plane

Manta Ray Paper AirplaneEasty to fold, this dart has a forward swept winglets (canards) which give you extra control of its flying characteristics.

marlin paper airplane plane folding instructions

The Marlin Paper Plane

Marlin Paper AirplaneThis simple variation of the classic dart is easy to fold and can be thrown very hard as a “blackboard bomber” should.

bottlenose paper plane folding instructions

The Bottlenose Paper Glider

Bottlenose Paper AirplaneAn extra heavy nose and small wings make this sleek jet-like craft the fastest dart in the entire collection.